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Rollforming Machines


Rollforming is a bending process in which a sheet or strip material change the shape plastically along. Coupled rolls mould sheet materials in succession of transitions till materials reach required shape.

Rollforming machines are composed of the following main units:


Decoiler is intended to store and submit the necessary amount of material cut to a certain size or coiled on a stand. Decoiler may be powered by engine – decoiler/uncoiler is used in press operations.

Input Device

By using adjustable side rolls, the input device fixes the movement of the decoiler tape strictly defined to the rollforming system and does not allow it to make any amplitude movements.

Rollforming System

Rollforming cell is an essential element of rollforming system. Its purpose is through rotating shafts and profiled rolls onto them, to set certain form to the lodged metal strip at a given stage of technological process. They also impel the partially shaped profile to the next stage of the rollforming process. The profiled rollers may be coated with hard chromium to work with PVC sheet.

Cutting Device

Cutting device is intended to cut the finished profile to a certain size. It must be mounted after the straightening device. Matrix must be mounted after straightening head in such a way as to be the profile to be able to pass freely through it when the swage (поансона) is in starting position. Cutting device consists of a matrix with hydraulic cylinder – piston which is connected to a swage. Cylinder is connected through hose-pipes, distributors and nozzles to a hydraulic aggregate (electric motor and pump). 

Straightening Device

The purpose of the straightening device is to fix any horizontal or vertical non-linearity or torsion of the profile.

Management System

Technological process managed by microcontroller (PLC) and operator console(HMI).

Main propulsion system with frequency inverter-allows smooth start-up and speed management.

Work regimes:

  1. Material loading on low speed.
  2. Manual mode – control of individual units by operator console (HMI).
  3. Automatic mode – management with predefined size and quantity, without human intervention.