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ZMM Zlatograd Ltd

The company was established in 1981 and it has been a private company since 1998. ZMM Zlatograd is a company with long years of experience in the manufacturing of machine tools accessories - parts and units, technological equipment, cable leading chains, suction tubes, knife holders, tapered square, etc.

The company is also dedicated to design and manufacturing of rollforming machines for pipes, gutters, slats, etc.

These machines are sold not only in Bulgaria but also in Macedonia and Greece.

We sincerely hope that our products will be useful for you and your business.


“ZMM – Zlatograd” Ltd. was established as a business unit of the Institute of technological design and equipments of Plovdiv City, based in Zlatograd. Our scope of activity includes design and manufacture of tooling.

In 1983 “ZMM – Zlatograd” was established as autonomous enterprise directly subordinate to the State economic enterprise “ZMM – Sofia”.

In 1991 the company was registered in the Commercial Register as a Single-member Limited Liability Company with state property, under the name “ZMM – Zlatograd” (based in Zlatograd) and scope of activity: design and manufacture of technological equipment and machine tool fittings, engineering products, household goods, business at home and abroad.

In 1996 the company was registered as a single-shareholder joint-stock company. The company name has been “ZMM – Zlatograd” JSC since 1998, with state share of 59,2% and share of private equity of 40,8%. “ZMM – Zlatograd” has been a joint-stock company with share of private equity of 100% since 2001.


The company has 3 autonomous industrial units:

  • industrial unit of preparation and handling;
  • mechanical industrial unit;
  • industrial unit of sheet metal processing.

The mechanical one is equipped with universal machines and machines with CNC. These machines can be used for processing high quality parts with a maximum dimension of 1000x1000x700mm.

In the industrial unit of sheet metal processing are manufactured cable leading chains, ŕspiration chains, compensating tubes, household goods, etc.

In 1983 our company bought a license from the company HENNIG-Germany for the manufacturing of cable leading chains, which unique manufacturer for Bulgaria is “ZMM Zlatograd”.
Cable leading chains and ŕspiration chains and the compensating tubes are made of curved endless profiles, for which the company has know-how.